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The biggest news from the developers of the ConeXware is the unveiling of the latest version of the Windows archiving software known as PowerArchiver 2015 v15.0.  Basically, this so called paid tool gives extensive support to a wide amount of formats in archiving and it is quite user-friendly.

Version 15 of the PowerArchiver simply focuses on providing a better or greater updates and extensions in shell. This includes the latest PowerArchiver Mini tool and even other extensive features like supporting new formats, changes in interface, improvements and developments in many temporary apps, latest skinning items, etc. In addition, the biggest and the latest feature of the PowerArchiver is the PowerArchiver mini shell extension (which is the latest one) and this plays a greater role in programs related to the Windows Explorer through the Preview window.

This tool allows the given user to not only view the archives, but even access and open the individual files and try to extract all the given contents in it. There are other interesting shell additions which includes the preview extension of the PowerArchiver, a Windows Explorer tool that assist in providing a great amount of archive properties, better and improvized deduction of format and support of all the shell extensions.

Frankly, the major program present in the PowerArchiver helps in providing full and extensive support to the ZIPX XZ or ZIP format. Also, it helps in improving and supporting all other types of format which even includes RAR, ISO, WIM, etc. It is quite easy to use and even the files present can be copied easily and pasted from and to of the main interface of the PowerArchiver.

Furthermore, the PowerArchiver can configured in a manner that it can sit above other windows and you can get this tool for free trail for your PCs and laptops.

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