Managing the Basic PC functions with Listsp


Is your personal computer or laptop unstable or slow? Is the system not working properly or misbehaving? Then it is high time that you take a view at how the given system can be configured and know about the various process involved in it. Basically, you could get a basic view using the Control panel and task manager.

However, open source tool Listsp is a good solution and provides unlimited access to services, process, and driver information, all from an interface. This given program is quite adware-free and is very portable. All you have to do is unzip the download file, and then launch the Listp.exe. Once it is installed and then comes into action, even organizing the basic details of the system through the four tabs.

The current processes tab present in this tool helps in showing the view of the process which is active. Simply, it is a normal table where there is no view, however there are large information available like PID, name, memory usage, priority, threads, page faults, I/O reads, page file usage, etc. Now the basic issue is that there are quite a lot of details which makes the table wide and there are large amount of horizontal scrolling.

The tool is quite easy to use and a simple right click would make the process easy and the life more better. The Listsp gives a whole amount of process and management tools. It is quite easy to resume and suspend any kind of process, restart or close it, modify the page or process or Input/Output priority, etc.

Basically, most of the option would open a new window and it provides a lot of information and various tools. So, simply choosing the view of the text strings in a given process and you would be able to see them and get them saved to  the disk. Frankly, the tool gives various low type of feature and information which any Window expert can keep a copy.

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