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Many of the Personal Computer users would be needing a effective and easy to use media manager who could bring certain order into the mass of videos, photos, music that often clutters the system. Of course, there are various amount of competitions around, and in case if you requirements and wants are quite straightforward, then the Diffractor could be the perfect choice.

Basically, the given program would get installed fast and quickly, and there would be no complications and adwares present in this program. Once it is launched, it would easily index the given system and that too quite quick. So you would get the display of the suitable Overview screen along with many folders.

And double clicking them would easily filter the media files for you from the given folder and that too on the basis of the year, type of the file, folder, and various range of tags like camera, album, exposure, artist, ratings, and  the list goes on and on.  A simple head off to the given picture folder and you would get a view of what is similar to image viewer. The thumbnails and folders would be on a single pane which is to the right and the preview window would be pasted on the left and you can simply double click it in order to display the contents full screen.

The search bar present in this particular tool is quite similar to the Internet Explorer. All you have to do is click it and you have the option of viewing the entire history of the files viewed, begin typing in order to show which just matches the folder of file names and even the metadata.

Frankly, the Diffractor search system quite often works well and the tagging feature make this tool fast and easy to use.

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