Compressing Your Favorite Comics Into Simple Files


It is important to keep in mind that most of the comics (especially digital ones) come in various forms, especially in comic book and are often stored in typically format like JPG  into a single file. It is simply like the cbr, rar, zip, and cbz.  Now you may assume that these so called simple and compressed format can produce the tiniest files. However, this is not right.

The free and easy to use CbxConverter has the basic ability to make modifications to the images and pictures. It even has the extensive feature to convert the given images to formats like WebP, whereby where one can shrink the given archive. The size of the given program is about one MB and one won’t need to install it as simply by unzipping it, it can get stored into the system.

The core operation of the CbxConverter is very much simple especially at the initial stages. All one needs to do is drop and drag the given source file and click the ‘Start’ button and simply wait. Here the main program or the window would assist in keeping update of the entire progress and assist one to convert the given files which can be saved in the so called out folder.

In addition, when an individual overcomes the core conversions, then the interface of the CbxConverter can become annoying. Sometimes the basic task like cleaning or updating the source file would not be proper. Even you may feel that there is no Clear toolbar button and the menu option cannot be selected. You would have to select the Del button and it would be the only option available to you and that too by simply right clicking on the menu.

Frankly, the CbxConverter can perform most of the main functions which would sometimes require you to batch certain groups of comics.

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