Why Sending Various CommandLine and Email is Easy Through SendSMTP


In case your PC or laptop is functioning when you are not there, then it is something that you need to be worried about. Even you could use it to your advantage by alerting about the significant programs or events. There are various backup programs who have the exquisite feature of email notification which could assist you in keeping up to date about the backup progress.

You do have the option of using the SendSMTP tool which could assist in sending files and emails directly across your own scripts. In addition, it could even help you in notifying when the computer or laptop is off or on, when a particular application is  established, and even sending the direct copy of the given text log to you.

It is quite easy to configure ther SendSMTP when compared to the other similar kinds of program. All this is possible due to the presences of the easy to use GUI. You need to double click the SendSMTP.exe file and a dialog box will appear from where you could enter the to and from address; the body, text, attachment; subject line, etc. In addition, it even assist in notifying the normal low level kind of details like port, name server of mail, password, etc.

Basically, there are quite a lot of details and information and it is quite common to make mistakes, however, when you just click the ‘Send Message’ option and it should just send you a test email. In case there is an issue or problem, then you would need to report it and the log recording of the SendSMTP communication should be send to the server for troubleshooting.

Overall, the SendSMTP is nothing but a powerful and good email automation tool which has unlimited features and the GUI is the best feature of it.

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