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Anvi Ultimate Defrag

Recently, Anvisoft has introduced the Anvi Ultimate Defrag 1.2,  and it has become of the best programs which is available for free. Unluckily, there are other issues which has to be concerned. By default, one can install Anvisoft product (default) which can be avoided by simply clicking. The interface of Ultimate Defrag can get spoiled because of the Anvi Slim Toolbar Pro and this can be hidden.

Initially, the company sponsored the product for free and the Anvi Ultimate Defrag would offer a quite amount of control when compared to other kind of defrag programs. You have the option to select or simply ignore the SSDs and even the removable drives. Even the defrag various drives, scheduled defrag of the boot, and even run the various aspects of the program and the scheduled task.

One has the ability to remove the junk files just before the defrag process starts. This may sometimes speed up a little and the detailed pages of the log list would show all the actions. The Anvi Ultimate Defrag won’t do all the given features as it uses the chkdsk for scanning the errors.

However, the biggest advantage is that the program or tool is quite easy to use and provides a more easy control when compared to the standard Windows tool.

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