Arclab Thumb Studio- Creating Web Galleries and Contents

Arclab Thumb Studio

If you are the kind of person who like to take snaps of yourself and your friends and email then to your friends or upload to the Twitter and Facebook, then the Arclab Thumb Studio is the best choice. This is a professional and best tool which can easily help in creating slideshows, building HTML keys, etc.

The given program provides two basic kinds of core projects. One is the ‘Webalbums’ which shows various thumbnails in a given table. One has to click on it to display the larger version. The second one is the ‘Slideshow’ that shows the one huge image per the page. It has a HTML or JavaScript powered Pause/Play/First/Back/Last buttons for controlling the view.

Arclab Thumb Studio has the initial project tab display that is present in each of the given tabs and there are a lot of variations in them. The Webalbum consist of a slideshow. One thing that you ought to keep in mind is that the Slideshow project has got various preview thumbnails that surrounds the images and most of the templates comes in various kinds of layouts and colors.

This may feel like a lot to explore, however, it is something that you cannot worry about despite the finite details and that too at the beginning. All you have to do is select a starting project and then use the Down and Up arrow to go through the list of the files and then a preview window will display the finished pages.

As the choice is made by you, you would have to click the option called Next and then you would get a comprehensive kind of image and settings. It would be quite easy for you to select from the given format of the thumbnail files, images, quality, and that too as per the preferred algorithm (resizing) and even adding the position and custom image watermark.

Once you have made the necessary changes or just accepted the defaults, you would then have to click the Next option and the overall settings of the project will appear. Now this is where one has to set up the number of rows, table, columns, and source of the image caption (i.e. filename, metadata, color, fonts, etc).

The next tab would be simply about the source image. Here you would be able to add the individual files and folder modify the pictures, etc. in order to satisfy your needs and even flip and rotate the individual images. Once you are satisfied, then you could click the Next option and choose the Create builds for the finished project. Basically, there are buttons to open it or one can still use the upload project option through the FTP for the website.

Download Arclab Thumb Studio

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