EaseUS EverySync – Easy Synchronization of Files And Cloud Sevices

EaseUS EverySync

Recently, EaseUS has introduced EaseUS EverySync 2.0 into the market. This is an easy to use backup and file sync fool that can work best with the network as well as the local files, cloud storage services, FTP servers, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Basically, the program supports in a single direction and there is bidirectional syncing.

However, once it is set up, one won’t need to worry about the details. Here the files are synchronized in real time and when there are any types of modifications. The EaseUS EverySync is quite easy to use and much focused. One won’t find any kind of advanced options with this kind of bandwidth that is throttling and even you look at the check of the settings, you can see that it is all about the basics.

You can know about the day to day uses easily and the EaseUS EverySync helps in the spelling out of the exact operational details. The pricing for this software is moderate and once installed, you would get a great amount of discount if the tool is purchased with other types of EaseUS packages. Even there is a 30 day trial which you can check out.

Download EaseUS EverySync

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