WirelessConnectionInfo – An Interactive Tool For Displaying the Active Wi-Fi Connections


With the release of the WirelessConnectionInfo from NirSoft, a great amount of anxiety is prevailing in the world of wireless communication. The WirelessConnectionInfo is a free tool that shows the detailed statistics of the available and active Wi-Fi connections present under the Windows Vista. Another extensive feature of the tool is that it can display about 90 items that includes the PHY type, SSID, Security algorithm, signal quality, etc.

Even though such programs often display various kinds of information and that too in NirSoft table, this is not a static kind of text. Plus, there are statistical analysis that cover various areas like multicast packets, unicast, high rate DSSS, etc. This would instantly allow you to see such files transmitted or received or success or retry, etc and also when they get updated in real time.

The WirelessConnectionInfo has the extensive feature of allowing various kind of details to be stored as demand text report and there is a command line option which helps one to automate the given process. Now the given program interface may not be ideal for some situations like in real time monitoring. There will be an issue where you won’t be able to decide which value has to be displayed as there are various horizontal scrolling needed in order to check all the things and prevent the on demand monitoring.

Basically, the WirelessConnectionInfo is nothing but a single and executable file, even though the entire size of the file is 79.5KB. So, there could be chances of going through limitations. However, the best part is that the program is designed to do what it is programmed, thereby providing a portable and easy means of viewing good statistics (wireless).

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