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BlueLife Hosts Editor

Do you know that the HOSTS file is one of the significant elements present in most of the networks? It is nothing but a simple structure which has the feature of mapping the host names to the available and current Internet Protocol addresses. Another extensive feature of the HOSTS is that it can be used to block various ads and can even assist in accessing any type of site. And one of the best HOSTS is the BlueLife Hosts Editor.

A normal HOST tools are often used by virus in order to access and redirect the web data to legitimate websites or to places where it is malicious. One thing individuals have to keep in mind is that the Windows cannot be easily viewed or controlled and the BlueLife Hosts Editor is free and gives all the necessary aspect that is required by you.

In addition, this given program is quite compact (where the total size is about 1 MB) and there are no additional complications. So, you would have to launch the given tool fast and it would show off the display of the current HOSTS files which are quite useful and one can scroll down to checkout for anything. Also, in case if you see any kind of problem, then you have the option to delete or disable all the entities.

In case if you are quite worried of making mistakes, then  don’t worry. This given tool has a Backup Manager who would help in saving the current HOST files at any given time and assist restoring it later on. In addition, this particular tool has an ‘Original Hosts File’ backup which can assist in restoring the available and original configurations.

Just enter the domain or host name in the given address box and you can easily resolve all the issues and add the given list within a single or double click. This can easily help in preventing other individuals from gaining access to the current system.

Download BlueLife Hosts Editor

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