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The Pixopedia is one of the best and exceptionally great tool. Not only it is available for free, but has got extensive features like drawing, image editing, painting, etc. Basically, when you use this product initially, the impression given may not appeal to users. It has got small and flat buttons, cryptic icons, etc; which helps you to use this product.

It has got a good amount of shortcuts and hot-keys which makes using this tool interesting. Simply by pressing F1 you could instantly get a menu which would show the currently chosen toolbar option. Now by default this tool would show not less than about 26 kinds of Drawing models. For example, various ones like scaled, normal, XOR, Erase, etc can be used. And just by clicking it, one can see the various related choices and it would help one to click and drag the various aspects on the screen.

Simply checking out the left hand side of the toolbar along with the displaying of the menu would show the various kinds of interesting tools. It is quite easy to paint various kinds of clipart objects like marbles, flowers, beads, etc. Now just by clicking these image tool button that is present in the right would give and provide access to various sets of images and it would help in manipulating and tweaking various contents like resize, rotate, flip, etc.

In addition, the plugin button provides various support to the Photoshop compatible filter tool. It has got almost twenty different kinds of examples making it easy and attractive to use. Frankly, the feature list goes on and on and there are quite a lot of selection modes that could help in ranging and improvising the drawing options. Now if you are a user who wants to utilize some commercial aspects of drawing and designing then this is the perfect tool.

Basically, the Pixopedia can be regarded the best toolbar to create various images and pictures. It allow the creativity to flow and provides a means to set your artistic talent to the best. So, go ahead and check it out.

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