Unchecky – Monitoring The Various Toolbars & Adware


The Unchecky is small but attractive tool that can monitor various installers, lookout for the adware, various toolbars and other kind of junks, thereby ensuring that it won’t end up being on the hard drive (accidentally). Once the program is installed and running, it would lookout for various kinds of adware installers, automatic and other unchecked boxes for getting various and unrelated offers. The Unchecky is unobtrusive, simple, and would ensure that the user won’t install the given toolbar by default.

Now if you want to use it, there is no issue and you have to simply check the box by yourself. Of course, there would be no check and you would still need to check using the Accept button. This is a major think and it has become a great part in the main setup process. This would then install the given toolbar and best part is that the Unchecky would check out and detect this even before you are going to proceed.

Essentially, the given toolbar has got the extensive feature and one is surely going to enjoy using it. Here there is no external of any amount of scanning and no spyware engine. In case if the given tool is not checking on what is getting installed, then it is okay. Unchecky is all about tweaking and  the given setup process and it would ensure that the given configuration and upgrades would be just like you wanted.

With this program you cannot expect a lot of things and it does have got less features. Basically, there is no anti-spyware engines, etc. Basically, the Unchecky is known for tweaking the given setup process and it would make sure that the extra features would be installed with your knowledge. Of course, this tool works and can be extensively used by individuals who want to know what they have selected.

Frankly, getting your system to be monitored is a good thing and there are various tools present. But with Unchecky, it effortlessly makes it easy for any novice user to use and is the best tool found in the market.

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