Free TaskUnifier Pro available


As per the information received from Benjamin Leclerc, TaskUnifier which is considered to be a task manager comprehensively available for Windows, Linux and Mac is available free online.

There is still lot to be available. You can create tasks with subtasks, group them into folders or other tasks and present it as a task, note or as a calendar view. There are also option to make the tasks synchronize with the services of Toodledo or OrganiTask which makes us view and work from anywhere.

You can even use the option to get your tasks published on Google Calendar especially if you are working on other projects too.  The question that arises is how long can you work particularly using the features of the web. If you are still in the market looking for Task manager, then in that case, TaskUnifier has lot of offer and it would be worth on having a look too.

But the bad news is that, it is not as great as it sounds. The reason is that, program does not remain longer to be able to be maintained.

Download TaskUnifier

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