Using Quizfaber to build html quizzes in multimedia


From the days of schooling, quizzes have been used to test our knowledge.  They are still useful nowadays too. Quizes are not effective for teachers only. A quiz that is well designed can help to find more about oneself, learn about interesting things and even compete with friends.

Designing a quiz can be done using pen and paper, sometimes even Notepad. But if you wish to get engaging results, QuizFaber is recommendable. QuizFaber is  a tool that is freely available that is used for developing quizes in HTML multimedia, without any experience in web design or experience in scripting required.

The program does support various types of questions. These include multiple choice questions having multiple answers to be chosen, true or false, filling of gap (entering the words that are missing in a paragraph) and freeform (typing text in a box).

Not the least, QuizFaber can be extended to modules that is customized, create new types of question. Examples that are bundled, such as jigjaw (tiles are shuffled to recreate an original picture), crossword (fill in the crosswords), numerical (enter numbers in the box) and use of hotspot (click the picture that is defined).

Quizzes can contain various objects that are multimedia format. These include Java, Flash, Image, Flash Video, Sound and Video. Quizzes can be configured. Questions can be made available one at a time or all together at a page. Customized sounds can be made available either for right or wrong answers. You can set timeouts for questions that are single or as a quiz totally. There are ways to adjust background colors, navigate quiz, images and much more.

As default, quizzes are unknown,  but you can assign to separate students, saving of results in various ways such as server or cloud storage and then analyze the performance of students for a period of time. It is basically not a good news as QuizFaber is not straight forward. There is no real time view of WYSIWYG quiz. So you need to built it manually. Even though it is supposed to give quiz in English language, you get prompt in Italian language and the final Quit button will not close the browser.

Overall QuizFaber does give a list of functionalities and features which is more than our expectation. If you are looking for same type of tool, then this tool is worth a try, You need to spend some tume further in fixing issues and making everything work properly.

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