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The QR Codes is a compatible tool for the Windows desktop having a Bar Code Reader. Basically, the simples and the easier means to scan the QR code which are occasional can be done on the phone. All you have to do is install any one of the available QR Reader app and it would point the given camera. Once that is done, it would simply find out the code, keep track of the text and even maybe act on it. A perfect example of it would be opening the browser as the URL.

Do you know that the QR Codes or the BarCode is a free tool and can bring about the same kind of QR reading requirements when compared to the Windows desktop. Plus it adds a lot of compatible functionality too. In addition, the program can work and is quite compatible with the PDF and graphic files. It even helps in acquiring the basic images for the webcams, scanners and other kind of WIA tools. In addition, it won’t work or be compatible with the QR codes.

Even there is a great amount of support for reading most of the major barcodes which are both in the ID (i.e. in the lines of the variable thickness) and the 2D (i.e. which is in the pattern of dots). The tool is so easy to use and it can point out the programs present in the barcode. All you have to do is type in what you are able to detect i.e. 1D or 2D. Also it would automatically get a matching code and then it would be easy to interpret them too. Even it would be easy to display the various text and the values present in it.

Basically, while the underlying the detection and scanning which often works well for most of us, the program is quite short and has got some extensive features. It can help in scanning of the images with the help of the various barcodes. Plus, you can get various options to save the given data as the available report.

Just forget it, and the best part what you could do is select manually what contents are present in the text box and get it pasted on to the clipboard.  In case of the scanning of the QR code, the best and possible means to scan the QR code is to use the phone. However, one would need to work on the TIFFs, PDF, and other kinds of several codes in order to get it interpreted in various codes.

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