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For commercial packages to be able to have any success, powerful  features are to be introduced as there are many free archiving tools near the PC. Ashampoo, developer based in Berlin has introduced a program known as Ashampoo ZIP Pro by releasing it worldwide. But the question that arises is, does the program have what it takes to win worldwide.

ZIP  Pro’s interface on Windows 8 does not give a good start. It does have a pastel shaded tile that floats over a white gray background. But it does not suit certain taste of people. But it does have certain alternative skins that could be tried out too.

The format of the file is good. There is complete support for creation and extraction of main archive types such as ZIP, 7-ZIP, CAB, TAR and LHA. It can be opened in more than 30 formats. Preview tool that is available allows to view many file types without even having to extract them. ZIP Pro does not have Explorer integration. So you can define which right click options are to be used.

The Encryption Suite does deliver better than what you can expect. It does support both ZIP and ZIPX AES 256 encryption. It does provide sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt OpenPGP files. It does come with a password manager and policies that are optional to be able to set minimum strength for the passwords.

You could find modules that are used to create archives that are self extracting, split the bigger archives into smaller volumes, fix the broken ZIP files or convert the archives from one format to another. There are some tools that are used to replace the entire applications all by itself. ZIP Pro can rip DVDs, CDs and BDs to ISOs, then mount them as virtual drives, integration of Cloud Browser with Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure without installing regular software.ZIP Scripts help to control the use of program as a tool that is automated as a backup, archiving tools of your choice, burn them to a disc or copying to a network, cloud destination or FTP.

The most indepth test is to see if Repair module could recognize and fix the zip file by zeroing the first two bytes. The program does have free build but it is really irritating. The large amount of its functions are stripped and every time tasks is carried out. Every time tasks are carried out, a new browser is opened at the Ashampoo website. It would be worth a try if you require a zip repair program.

Ashampoo ZIP Pro is a very impressive tool, particularly with its encryption, storage at the cloud and automatic features. If you wish to see its functions, a 40 day trial would give plenty of time to see if it is right for you.

Download Ashampoo ZIP Pro

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