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TrendMicro Internet Security

There is no doubt that the Trend Micro won’t make any kind of headline. However, it creates and develops some of the best and easy to use antivirus products which is liked by various testing (independent) labs.  As per a recent newsreport the company became on the top of the list in the AV Comparatives as of December 2014 in the World Protection Test.  Basically, detection rates are not everything and of course you might want to have something else.

But in case the system gets infected, you have the option of the trying out the technology of the company for free because of the Trend Micro Anti-Threat toolkit. Basically, the package does not have any kind of real time security. It is a simple rescue kit which can be used on the infected system in order to detect and even remove the malware.

The Toolkit won’t be needing to find out everything and although there is not enough power to make it useful. Now the company informs that there is a huge amount of support so that it can remove the Zbot, rootkits, master boot, Cryptolocker, CIDOX or RODNIX, and the basic general malware.

Basically, the process would start by selecting the exact version of the system whether it is 32 or 64 bit. Plus, it would build and assume that the system is simply connected online . In case if it is not possible, then you can download the offline version which is easily available. You have the option to run whatever you are going to download using the administrator format.

By default you can see that the program runs a simple quick scan and even though some may feel that it is quite hard to believe since it is quite slow to most of us while using. In case if you just click on the Settings you have the option to select the given scan type or check out the only specific location present.

You can even run whatever download using the administrator option and by default the program would use the quick scan option, although some may feel that it could slow down the entire process. Once you are satisfied, you can click the Scan Now option and wait. In case if any kind of threat is found, then it would be listed and can be removed with a simple click.


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