Text Compare – Highlighting and Selecting Text Files With Modifications


As you are checking out the brand new copies of a text file, you notice that there is something different. Maybe they are varying in size and you have a feeling that something has to change. What could it be?

A Text Compare is a small (i.e. more than 50KB downloaded), free to use, and compact tool which should provide you a lot of information. You can launch the given program and it would ensure that you get the first point with regard to the target files. Even if you want you could drop and drag the given aspects into their respective boxes of file name. Here you can click the option called ‘Compare and Show all’ which would display the given name of the files in two different text boxes.

Also, it would highlight all the given line but not the individual character which are quite different. Basically, the program often use a simple and never uses the linear means of comparison. Not only that is smart and excellent in finding out those files having various kinds of encodings. Plus it would try to check out those files which are filled with various kinds of encodings.

Recognizing those lines which have been copied, inserted, deleted and copied and those folders which have moved down or upward  making the given results where each of the data (i.e. required data) being highlighted in various types of colors. You have the option of scrolling the entire text box to see and check out the file in detail. Basically, there is no other means of scrolling and checking out the both files, all these factors in the same time, making for the easy side by side comparison.

But you do have to make the searches for the text and try to use the line number of the file to do the work manually. So, in case you are only in knowing the basic differences, then there is no problem as this program would show the various aspects moving, getting copied or changing the lines with a simple click.

You may feel the interface of the Text Compare is poor and there is no good support for making the comparison of the batches and saving the report of the file differences.

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