BitComet 1.38 – Download Management Software That Is Available For Free


BitComet 1.38 is a download management software that runs on BitTorrent/FTP/HTTP. BitComet is considered to be  fast, easy to use and powerful software and above all  it is available freely online. The features that are available in advanced mode can increase the speed up to 5-10 times faster than before.

As more people are getting concerned with privacy issue, BitComet has added an extra feature to its client in Bit Torrent. Earlier it was intended to increase the speed of download for users with less capacity for upload. Now the latest Version does have the VIP version that provides support for full download that prevent users from checking the transfers of users.

BitComet has been improving his BitTorrent client since several years. This has been a remarkable achievement since some months. Couple of years back BitComet has introduced feature that is noteworthy that is known as VIP Loading which enables users to download by using BitComet servers. The download is basically a private connected to a high speed system which increases the download speed.

You could find downloads that are well supported by version of Beta for BitComet. There has been great interest for services for VIP. The high demand for free download has been of great deal but  heavy downloading is done by people who prefer to be anonymity rather than using unlimited proxy of BitTorrent or account of VPN.

Increase of download is supported by the newly available BETA versions of BitComet. There is great number of interest for the service of VIP. The increase in the number of free trial accounts for VIP did affect the server of BitComet which led to developers to reduce the limit of users for BitComet. It is expected that the increase is possible only with the increase in the feature of anonymity.

If there is no more increase in the download down anonymously it could be added in the next version of 128 of BitComet. The program does offer free third party software which makes it installation of software as not requirement. Also the program does give you option to change the home page and search engine that is available as default. The speciality has been the download with high speed of 100 MB or GB files that is available. Simultaneous download and downloading in queue format makes it worth of software to be used.

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