Free Address Book 1.4 – Contact Management Software To Manage Contacts

Free Address Book

A software that specializes on contact management where you can take notes on phone numbers, mobile, country, company name, website address, city, addresses and the email addresses of the partners and contacts.

You can print the contact lists and details of it too. The organization of the contacts are fast and easy. The features of the software product are that it is easily portable, contact list can be printed, attachment of photo, printing of contact details, easily management of personal information. Above all it is available free online and is available for personal and for use in commercial purpose.

The interface of the software application is that it is clean and very much intuitive. You can create new contact by entering personal details such as the first name, group, company name, information, accessibility of the data which includes phone number, addresses, fax,  and location details such as address and country of residence.

You can even write notes that are for personal use for each specific person. All the contacts are available in the list in the main application  of the window. Free Address Book software does have option for search and for creation of groups. Moreover, you can add, edit, delete and even print the details of the information. Backup or restore of information, export and import of data to CSV and creation of fields for customization is possible too.

Moreover you can even configure the options for printing when the fields are visible which includes filled as well as fields that are selected. Minimization of free address book to the tray for system area and also for default group to startup is done.

The program does run on CPU that is to be available on moderate basis and needs to have system memory that is easily responsive to commands and works well during evaluation basis. Free Address Book does not crash or free or give pop up message. But the only problem available is there is no file available for help basis. Additional to this, the software application does provide features that are powerful for managing list of contact in an easy way with the layout that is intuitive.

Free Address Book does provide option to add photos of the contacts available and  you can print the details of the employees and of the details available. Use of the software could create organiation of the contact list.

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