SyMenu – A Portable Menu Launcher


It is quite surprising to see that the portable program manager and start menu SyMenu is updated to the latest version 4.07 with the best and latest Sysinternals support. It is very easy for you to browse the entire catalog of the Sysinternals tools. Plus you can download as well as select the Process Explorer, Autoruns, and other kinds of tools whichever you need.

Basically, whatever you select to download into the USB key or the destination of your choice, you would be needing to add various program menu. The program menu can provide various similar access to the utilities of the NirSoft and even the wide range of various open source items and popular free tools like CPU-Z, Ccleaner, Everything, XnView, etc. In addition, you can even search for the best tool filter and from the current program list the categories, names, publisher, description, thereby making it easier for you to select the required tools as and when you need them.

Even the official statement  has stated that the recent and the fresh released programs which are usually  updated in five to ten days are now highlighted using a good label. Some may feel that certain individuals are less sure about these things. There are certain programs which would have a new label but however one would seem to thing that most of the time randomly, there is no exact or proper connection between the release dates. Some may feel that this is a good and decent idea for principles, but within the first glance it may seem to be that there is more work involved in this.

The SyMenu 4.07 is a great tool and the recent release along with the support of the Sysinternals and NirSoft would make it a good and quite helpful in solving the troubleshooting elements, even though the program is used locally. Just take a look and you can see the various functionalities involved in it. Basically, the SyMenu is a portable menu launcher and it is a replacer for the Start Menu which allows you to easily organize and arrange the portable apps in an easy and quick manner.

In addition, the SyMenu would allow one to automatically link any kind of app that are installed in the host pic. Another extensive advantage of the SyMenu is that it is a multiple language program which is supportable in Czech, Chinese, English etc.

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