EasyNetMonitor – A Great Executable Utility For Network


Most of us like small and single executable utilities especially, the ones which you would find at Sysinternals and NirSoft. Now the developers won’t waste their precious time in doing all the unnecessary gimmicks, interface themes, gigantic icons, etc. Their major concentration would be on the core functions which are necessary for getting the work done. All this is possible with the help of EasyNetMonitor.

This is a free and interactive tool which can be used for checking out and controlling the requirement of the web hosts and network. Some may feel that it is not up to the NirSoft standards, still there are various functionalities which could keep you hooked. Such functionalities built-in a single compact file is really great. In addition, the program comes up in a 59.7KB archive and helps in unzipping into a single executable file. All you have to do is launch it and it would just add the given icon into your system file. Isn’t that great?

Now to get started, first you have to do is simply launch this tool and then you can add the given icon into the system file. So you have to right click the given icon. Then when it is done, you have to click on the option Add and type the required IP address or the host name or PC. Here all you have to do is simply type the address of what you want to monitor. When that is done, you have to click on the options OK.

When that is done, you have to again repeat the process and try to add as many amounts of devices that you like or adore. Here, by default, the EasyNetMonitor would constantly ping to your system for every five to ten seconds. Even this particular feature can be altered as per your needs. If you feel there is any issue, then  there is no problem as you can play the audio alert or try to send an email notification.

Frankly, there are various aspects that you have to keep in mind. You need to check whether the EasyNetMonitor is configurable and like the one expected by you (like a compact program).  One thing that people never seem to realize is that there are more things to expect with regard to the compact program. Basically, there are quite configurable when you can expect and that is the best part of using the EasyNetMonitor. It never plays the canned music after one of the pings has lost.

Download EasyNetMonitor

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