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SoftPerfect Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is aimed at system administrators and for users who use generally for security purposes. The program initially pings systems and then scans for knowing the ports such as TCP/UDP and searches for folders that are shared including the hidden and the ones on the system.

Also, the scanner is used to get back any information that is available practical about network of the computers through WMI, NetBIOS, SNMP, HTTP and other features. Also it can solve the names of the host and automatically direct local and any external IP address that are at any range. To help in network administration, it does help in Wake on LAN and in remote shutdown.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner does have a file that is in executable form and is launched from the location where it is stored. Features such as SNMP, IP Scanner and NetBIOS does make it accessible due to its user interface that is modern. But you do need some time to get familiarize with the various features. By putting the cursor on the icons that are arranged neatly, it does provide information that is used to identify better.

It is important that we select range that is small in size for the best results and that can be easily manageable. You can make setting to the application which could help in detecting the IP range. The scanner does display the devices that are available in number which include the host name, response time and MAC addresses.

We could then connect to computers and send messages too. The message service should be running on computer that is available on remote basis. The scanner does give various ways of opening computer which include secure or normal web, telnet, FTP and remote desktop. The scanner does enable us to mount on various folders that are shared and we can use them as network drives. We could also check on the ports that are defined and the application does give report if any ports are opened or closed.

To conclude, SoftPerfect Network Scanner does enable computers to analyze the connections that are network connected. The advanced features and its friendliness does make it the best application to use for normal users of PC and for system administrators.

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