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Recently Logipole went for an upgrade and announced the latest Windows 7+ media file manager known as Konvertor FM which is a freeware tool now. What could surprise you more is that there are various media managers and tools around you (online) and you would be wondering what is so great about them and why should one care about Konvertor FM. Frankly, it is quite different.

Unlike the other kinds of file manager tools, here not only one can view PNGs, JPGs, GIFS, etc, but a great amount of support is provided for 2,034 types of image files, 795 audio, more than 225 video and 102 3D pictures as well. Not to forget even office documents, and other kinds of general types of files can be stored in about 165 archive formats. With regard to the built-in file tools and support, there are various kinds of formats available with the Konvertor. In addition, you can view, manipulate and edit metadata.

In addition, there are various number of extras that could be very many capable programs which could work on its own. All you have to do is double-click the given image, does not simply display, it even helps in adding frames, playing with colors, applying the transformation and even exploring the various host of special effects. Of course, this is not one of the greatest achievements as it may seem, as the Konvertor FM is one of the most shelled out and the best open source tool.

This is one of the best tools which does a real work like MPlayer, MPEG, kdcraw, ExifTool, etc. Basically, it is quite good that the Konvertor FM has created a shell and though it is not simply media files, but the basic core of the program is a tabbed Explorer related app which is often used by individuals for most of the general management related task of general files.

The Konvertor FM is now available in Windows 7 OS and even for the later version. The Konvertor FM is a unique and easy to use desktop manager which is not only robust, powerful, but even easy to use and it is one of the best tool which can tame today’s complex and huge Windows file system. In addition, it helps in the easy support of various audios, major videos, text, 3D, digital camera Raw format, IPTC, handles EXIF, XMP, etc.

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