OrangeCD Player Offers Nice FreeDB Audio CD Player for You

Orange CD Player

Everyone loves music!  So, to listen to music, a better CD player is extremely important. OrangeCD Player is a great program that has been built to help the users to listen to music on audio CDs.

OrangeCD Player is a CD player which allows the user to get the most out of music during listening to it on the computer. The software is designed with a simple interface. It has a clean layout as well. As a result, all users can figure it out very easily, whether they are experienced or not.

Although he player seems to be quite compact, it allows the user to listen to all audio CDs by using the computer. The player allows the FreeDB protocol and integrates with all the music catalog software. Therefore, when an user plays a new album, the application downloads the track titles and their information database automatically.

The user can access to several playback modes. The users can access the music, playlist and even direct track and smart disk position, where they stopped playing a particular CD last time.

User can customize the context menu. This allows the users to hide the commands that they don’t need. They can also move the command to the top that they frequently use. With the mouse click, it is possible to assign a certain action. For instance, with a single click, the song will be paused, with a double click, the disk will be ejected.

The useful tools of OrangeCD are in the bottom line and they are very fun to work with. Beginners will find it easy to run with and find no difficulties, the intuitive layout and the overall simplicity of OrangeCD is really user-friendly.

Download OrangeCD Player

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