PDF Shaper 3.5 – A Great Tool For Everyone


PDF Shaper 3.5 is out and it has developed a lot of choices for users.

PDF Shaper is a free, flexible and easy-to-use PDF converter and file extractor, which is out in the market. It is a collection of free PDF tools. The manufacturer of PDF Shaper 3.5 is Glorylogic. For the installation, PDF Shaper 3.5 requires any of these operating systems – Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows Server, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8.

PDF Shaper 3.5 converts PDF to MS Word and RTF. It can convert PDF to image and vice versa. It can extract text, table and images. It can convert tables and tabbed columns. It has been developed to combine different PDF files to single PDF. It can recognize various kind of font encoding as well. It helps to rotate pages. It helps to crop and normalize pages also. It helps to set and remove metadata.

The program has a user interface which is easy-to-use. It supports Unicode text characters. It supports batch processing too. It is completely free for personal usage and all non-commercial purpose. The program requires very low Central Processing Unit resource usage. The installation size of the program is very small.

PDF Shaper 3.5 can perform a lot of works with pages of PDF file. It extracts all pages or individual pages based on the page range. It can merge and split pages also. It can be used to customize the size of the pages. It has encrypted option for user and owner password. User access permission can be set and the user can sign and decrypt PDF files by using this also.

The new things of PDF Shaper 3.5 are that it has added a Hungarian translation. It has added a feature to delete pages from the PDF file also. It has improved the performance and other improvements.

No third party programs are required to install the program to run. But if any third party offers any of its programs, it can easily be skipped. Just, users need to be careful to opt out the right choice.

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