Prime95 – Best Testing Tool For PC


The Prime95 is one of the most interesting and popular choices for torture or stress testing a CPU. Now since it has been introduced, with the presences of system builder and overclockers,  this has been quite in demand in the market.  Even though, some say that the software is heavy to use and handle, still the integer related to the processor and the current floating point of instruction is something which has to be checked.

It is the one which feeds the processor and makes it consistent and something which can verify the workload for testing the stability of the CPU and the L1 or L2 or L3 cache of the processor. In addition, it even uses all the core functionality of the current multi-CPU  or the available multi-core system which can make sure that there is a high loading of stress and test environment present. Nowadays, the CPU are not the perfect mechanism which it was previously. 

The brand new ones which are manufactured from the supreme designers and producers have got a lot of hidden faults. So what happens is that in case one of the several key components like the memory, CPU, cooling, etc are not matching up to the specifics, then it would create incorrect calculations and sometimes lead to unwanted crashing of the system. If you simply overclock te given practice especially the ones which involves the practice of simply increasing the speed of the CPU or even the memory of making the machine faster at affordable or cheap cost.

So, what happens is that there are a lot of overclocking involved in ensuring that the machine is pushed off its given limit and a little bit of backing off is present. Now for such kind of reasons, both the overclockers, non-overclockers, etc have to be needed for programs which can test the stability of the PC. So, this is something which is often done for running the programs that are heavy  load and especially tough for PC.

Of course, some might say that it was not originally developed for such kind of purpose, still such program is one of the few ones which are the excellent stress testing aspect of the PC.

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