XOR Data Uncrypter – Binary Data Encryptor

XOR Data Uncrypter

The XOR Data Uncrypter is one of the best XOR binary data protector which has got an internal search or ripper that is suitable for ZIP, JPG, RAR, and EXE.  Basically, the XOR Data Uncrypter is one of the best data protectors which is created by the A.S.L. Also you can do the unprotect games and data files which are encrypted with the assistance of xor byte.

The safe and fast work which can assist in storing the unprotected data to the given disk. It is indeed a great GUI interface. Not only that it is present in full automatic mode and has got the support from the xor, div, rol, add, and crypto algorithm. And the interface it has with the various skins. Now the question which you are going to ask is what is the new aspect of this version. It is quite a new and has ripper signature which is added. The XOR encryption is one of the simple and symmetric cipher which is often used in various apps in which security is not one of the basic and defined requirements.

XOR Data Uncrypter is simple and bitwise operator which is present from the normal mathematics. There are six bitwise operators and this is what defined in most of the C programming language. However, the XOR operator would return as one especially when the value of either the second or first bit is the simple one. Not to forget the XOR operator would return the value zero which is either or can be both the bits are zero. Even the XOR can return a simple zero which can either be a simple zero and one. Also, the converting the plaintext to the ciphertext with the XOR Encryption and the plaintext which is being started with the normal term of FAQ.

Now the ASCII which is the normal representation of the given plaintext which here is the FAQ. In addition, the hexadecimal representation of the plaintext is about 70 65 81.  It is quite easy to convert the given Ciphertext into the Plaintext with the XOR Data Uncrypter. Basically, the XOR Data Uncrypter is a normal symmetric encryption. So this would mean that the encryption key would be often used in the decryption key.

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