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The RJ TextEd is an excellent and full source editor and featured text which can be supported with the Unicode. Not only it is quite a powerful web like ASP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc and one of the most interactive development editor. In addition, the functionality extends to the text files which is beyond and includes the support of the HTML or CSS editing with the integrated HTML or CSS preview, auto-completion, spell checking, templates, HTML validation, and more. The program has got a lot of dual pane file commander which is as well as the SFTP client which can assist in uploading the files.

There are various features present and some of them is that it is a genuine freeware and is one of the most powerful programs. The RJ TextEd is one of the basic programs which can be considered using a small donation. One of the features is the auto-completion. And then there is the code folding which is followed by column mode. Now this is one of the multi-select and multi-edit option. There are quite a lot of advanced sorting present in it. Even if assist in handling both the binary and ASCII files. The HTML and CSS wizards and the even there are presences of dockable panels.

The SFTP and FTP client has got a lot of synchronization and the given text clips, file explorer, code explorer, project manager, etc. One can even convert from code pages, text formats, and Unicode formats. In addition, there is ANSI and Unicode code page detection which is often one of the best advantages. There are the presences of the Save or Open UTF-8 encoded files which have got without a signature like BOM. Even there is the presences of the file name and Unicode file path.

Not to forget the HTML format, validation and repairs which can be easily done. For this, there are various tools which are available to the color picker, syntax editor, charmap, and the list goes on. Besides the above-given features, there are more features which make using this tool quite interesting. Consisting of email support, spell check, and the presences of advanced search like the regular expressions.

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