Tungsten – A Reliable Web Browser To Open Various Webpages In Different Tabs


Tungsten does give you a great experience while you are browsing the Internet in an environment that is customized. The software is built on a platform that gives double engine rendering and thus gives you option to switch between the rendering of Blink and Trident. Also, it does allow you to have a tab at the center of the page so that group could be created.  There is also support for multilevel tab grouping.

For getting different feedback, you can do switching  between the two engines that are rendering. For example, Blink engine does give better and higher speed, support and stability for HTML5 whereas Trident gives convenient compatibility. Also, Tungsten does support extensions of chromium and other apps which you can access through the shortcut store.

Tungsten does give the convenience of able to access various web pages at the same time and also to be able to open various tabs. Also, the software does allow you to have the different interface and compare in parallel two pages. Also, it allows you to have tab groups created and then have the configuration saved. Loading can be done later.

In the main menu, you can save the favorites, have bookmarks, click the symbol star near the address bar and then get to see the view. Tungsten does have the option to import data that is bookmarked directly from browsers which include Firefox, Chrome, Explorer. Also, the privacy of the data is protected as it does not give out information when giving updates.

Because of its window that can be easily split, Tungsten does give a view that is convenient which allows action to be performed on the group and tabs. You can view tabs in two different formats – horizontal and vertical. Due to its convenient features, Tungsten is considered to be a reliable and an Internet browser that is trustworthy.

Tungsten does give the implementation of gestures of the mouse. Mouse gestures  allow commands that are common to be executed. Tungsten does have wheel gestures and rocker gestures. In a real time, Tungsten can read browsers that have bookmarks in real. Copying of them to favorites is possible too.

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