Xlideit Surpasses As An Image Viewer



Xlideit is a lightweight software which bundles two different things – image viewer and graphic editor – within a package. It provides the user with additional choices to develop slideshow.


It has a transparent interface. Because of having a color palette with the transparent interface, it looks quite modern. The toolbar accessible layout has made it easier to use. By loading a single picture folder and a group picture folder, the user starts. Some common graphic formats of this software are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, etc.

The user can activate the integrated file browser without any burden. This helps the user to freely navigate to the destination file of the computer. It allows list customization by filtering the images. As a result, the user can edit the slideshow by removing certain images.

By using the Xlideit Image Viewer, the user can sort all kind picture by file name, size, the date creates etc. The user can instantly print any image, view it with another program or transfer it to the graphic editor which is set up by default.

Xlideit has some other attractive functions for the user. The user can delete an image or clone it. The user can rotate an image and flip the image horizontally or vertically. The tag data can be viewed and removed also. Because of having a built-in magnifier the user can analyze the in details of a picture. It allows zooming also.

By using the toolbox which is included to Xlideit, the user can crop a picture and resize it. Certain adjustment like brightness, contrast and saturation can be done to increase the quality. Hue and gamma levels can be adjusted also. From any file format, the user can get JPG, PNG, and GIF, BMP or TIF image because of its conversion capabilities.

Xlideit helps the user to view slideshows of images. It enables the user to edit, convert and enhance images and its quality. It enables the user to convert images to some of the most popular formats. Although the editing features of Xlideit are not like the one of the professional image editors, it can meet the needs of a regular user.

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