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As a screen capture tool, Capture.Net, launched its journey around 10 years back. It is very simple. At the very beginning, the developer expanded the tool with clock calendar tools, times and text notes. Launcher, magnifier, a backup tool and screen ruler were with the expansion too.

Capture.Net is a lightweight and portable software. For personal use, it is completely free and it is an all-in –all tool. The tool starts with a compact interface that displays a clock and a calendar. It shows a screen ruler as well. If you click the right button of your mouse, the tools will go to the clock mood option. The clock mood displays an analog on the display and it is transparent. The transparent clock is a desktop gadget which is a part of Capture.Net.

You will find several other features of the clock and with the double-click, you will be able to manage multiple actions to run them daily, weekly and monthly. Even you can do it on the selected day of the week or the month. The program is set up as a by default format. But if you want to shut down the program, you can. Even you can restart and switch the PC to standby mood. You can synchronize the clock and run some other custom application and many more things you can do.

The timer of the Capture.Net is another service which includes a number of features like alarm, countdown, count up etc. The main program of this tool is the screen capture tool which impresses instantly with the capture types prolonged list. The auto-capture feature captures the predefined area of the screen with every second.

Capture.Net adjusts the image with a built-in editor and it adds some bitmap drawing tools and a few effects. It has added some text watermarks and a few tricks for presentation as well. Using the “post-it” module, you can create the text note, get a printed copy from it. You can optionally add an alarm time and save them with a password.

The “Backup Expert” of Capture.Net is needed to be developed and it is very simple. With this, you can save the feeds and favorites, emails and custom folders. The other remaining tools functions more or less you expect. The color picker and the magnifier are the very basic image converter. It has a quick lunch from where chosen applications and command can be run.

Capture.Net has many scopes for development as developers think. The Post-It note feature, you might find useful. However, you can just try this.

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