Five Free Desktop Comic Viewer to Enjoy Good Comic

Icecream ebook reader

If you are a comic lover, you may get the comic book on your archive files as extensions. But outside the comic world this are not commonly used. There is some easy way to view them and you will definitely find them easy. They function like the regular archive and 7-Zip can extract the contents. Here you can get every single page as a separate image. If it doesn’t show an image file then just rename the file to get the extension of a standard archive.

The other way to convert the comic into some other format that commonly supported. For example, CBR to PDF or CBZ to PDF is what the name of the file exactly suggest. If you are a comic lover here are some options available for you which are free.

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is not a dedicated comic reader and the file format what it supports are great. So, you can use it. It is fast and very easy to use. It is an open source software and it has the compact portable version. With the convenient system, it can be read. Using the software, you can read comic with book mode, make it full screen, rotate and zoom in and zoom out.

Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader is an occasional comic reader and supports a very few file format like CBZ and CBR and scattering formats of eBook. The package is quite straightforward. It not only opens a file but also save the files to the library.

Using the program you can view the comic, highlight the favorite and mark what you are seeking recently and with the double click, you can again continue where you left stopped. The basic of the program work well and it is a user-friendly software which is easy to use.

Comic Seer

Comic Seer is a comic reader which is a cross-platform software and available for Linux, Windows desktop and windows app. It has nice zoom options and can be rotated. It has single as well as the double page display.

The software is a well-designed one and experienced has many things to discover. With this, you can open several comic at a time and you can display them on its own tab. It restores the page which is last seen for the next time you can catch that when you read.


CDisplayEx is one the greatest comic viewer ever. But while setting up the software you may experience some unwanted extras on your PC. The file format support of this software is quite good. It has a very powerful viewer and it is easy to use also.

At a time, you can switch between several comics and you can save the bookmarks of your favorite page for easy access.


The program is complex, but it includes more options. It opens the regular CBR, CBT, CBZ and CB7 and all kind of matching archive. It includes all kind of management tool and a lot of other options. The user can locate and organize the comics here.

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