NTFS Permissions Tools Makes Easy User Control Over File System

NTFS Permission Tool

NTFS Permissions Tool is a portable utility with free of cost and because of this utility, it can perform a number of common security tasks. NTFS Permissions Tools adds some expert level bonus features also.

The program requires a very small download and the file size is barely 65KB. You need unzip the file and this will unveil the 32 bit and 64-bit versions. At the same time, it will show you the basic list of folders and the toolbar which is very small in size.

As you might browse to a single folder, to allow or deny, click a button. The setup is completely manual. You can do it like the way you want. It has many options and you can choose whatever effect you want to see. After click on allow, you have to set the object to read only or change the owner. The setting affect the chosen folders, subfolder, and files. Then hit ok. The change will be realized instantly.

It is possible to select the multiple files and folders even, but better to change the permission and make them for the single operation. You may not need to manually change or set up the permission each time as well. You are allowed to copy them and paste them to others.

What is possible for a user to do is that you will have a good control over them. You can generally write up the permission here and you can set files, create files and write data and create folders, append data and write attribute as well as write the extended attributes.

Some handy features are available here for the experts. They can create null or empty DACL. They can import security description as well as export them. To maintain the working order, the user needs restore the file. “Replace all the objects permissions with inheritable permissions from this object” option will help to this.

NTFS Permissions Tools can’t be used for the security beginners and if the user misuses the cloud, it can cause great problems. People those who understand the basic, for them NTFS Permissions Tools save a lot of time. In a single session, for restoring and changing different permissions, it is the best time saver.

Download NTFS Permissions Tool

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