PandaDoc Joins Zendesk To Reduce The Paperwork Customer Service


PandaDoc, the sales document creation specialist ever is going to launch a new add-on so that it can integrate the software of it with the Zendesk which is one of the greatest and reputable customer service platform.

The heritage of PandaDoc is creating a collaboration which is stronger and more result-driven. The collaboration between sales and marketing team make PandaDoc a partner of partner for Zendesk. And now the integration is empowering the customer service agents to perform better to their workplace.

Managing the customer support documentation like taking electronic signature is challenging task from Zendesk and it is taking too much time. PandaDoc will allow them to fill the document automatically using the information what are supplied previously. It will save times as well as effort. At the same time, it will be easy for Zendesk to renew the contract easily also.

At the same time, the involvement of PandaDoc, makes the document as well as document related information will be a part of comprehensive information accessible to all the service agents. The customer who has ended their deal will also be able to see the documents themselves. The important thing is that the capability for the other outsourcing organization which offers branded self-service through Zendesk to the communities.

PandaDoc has oversimplified the paperwork that is involved in the service related to the customer. It has increased the capacity and the efficiency of the service agent and save the time of the organization. It helps the organization to maximize the benefit of Zendesk including delivery of convenient customer service and stronger relationship building to generate more revenues. You can just get a 14 days trial package from the website of PandaDoc if you require to do some jobs with the great program.

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