Erasing All The Traces Of USB Drive From The Windows Registry Is A Matter Of Click In USB Oblivion

USB Oblivion

USB Oblivion is very small and portable application software which has been designed to erase all the Windows registry traces that are left by CD-ROMs and USB drives. It requires minimal user intervention and the process is somehow automatic. To undo any kind of changes, it creates a reg-file and it doesn’t remove data from registry. The program is developed by CherubicSoft and can be run on all Windows Operating System.

Being portable software the installation is not required prior to run of the application. What you need to do as a user is save the EXE file to any folder on your hard disk and simply click the program to run. There is also an alternative you can follow to save USB Oblivion. You can save the file to a USB flash drive or any kind of similar removable disk to run the program on any machine with minimum efforts. It doesn’t require previous installers.

The program doesn’t add any new entry in the Start Menu or registry, since all happen normally with the installers and after removal it leaves the disk clean. The new feature of USB Oblivion is that it includes Polish translation and drops the support of Windows 2000.

A standard window represents the interface with plain and simple layout. With the click on a button, you can start the cleaning procedures in the layout.  You can ask the program to create a backup of the registry prior to do so and keep the backup to the hard drive if the Windows experience the issues later, in any case.

You can do a simulation as well, instead of performing a cleaning session, and view as well as analyze the log details that show in the main frame: the exact key will be removed.

USB Oblivion it takes very low space when it comes to RAM and CPU. It never hogs the system resources. Without any issue it, it finishes the cleaning job so rapidly. It does not error dialogue at the time of primary test it did not crash or hang. Newbie can use USB Oblivion with confidence because of its overall simplicity and intuitive layout.

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