FTPbox 2.6.3 – Transferring Files At Ease

FTPbox 2.6.3

With regard to file synchronization, there is variety of choices. The availability of great amount of alternatives present online makes it easy to provide such kind of services at free cost. However, the best part is that if there is any amount of free space present on the server, then the FTPbox 2.6.3 can be of great assistance. All you have to do is intermediate the transfer of the files among the two locations.

One of the extensive features of FTPbox 2.6.3 is it is quite easy and fast to install and the configuration is rather simple. As soon as the installation is done, the application would run the configuration wizard and it would allow the setup of the working language. Plus it would provide the effective login details of the first FTP location with the remote and local home folder. These would later on have option for synchronization.

Here, the major program screen is nothing but a box configuration panel of the FTP. This is where you can simply decide about the general aspects related to the product and the ability to add the new FTP accounts. Plus it can even help you to set up the synchronization service along with the required bandwidth which can be simply allotted for the basic file transfer.

Another extensive feature of the FTPbox 2.6.3 is that it is quite easy to work with. With proper configuration, the FTPbox 2.6.3 allows one to sit on the system tray and helps in doing the job background. Plus automatically, it would simply synchronize the given files to the available remote host. Unlike other tools, this application allows the basic possibility of applying certain amount of filter which are present for relevant data and processes. Plus besides that while selecting the exact items which you want to exchange with the FTPbox, you can provide the basic instruction to ignore the user-defined extensions and even the temporary data too.

To conclude, the FTPbox 2.6.3 is simply an interactive and interesting projection which is going to gain some attention. Not only it is easy to configure, but it provides an easy and simple means for ensuring that the data are not only synchronized especially on the remote location.

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