WIA Loader Portable Makes Your Image Transfer Incredibly Easy

The portable WIA Loader is a user-friendly, small, and easy to use software that helps user transfer images or photos to a computer from the digital camera. The application is developed by Patrick Mortara. The application runs on all Windows Operating System. It allows the user to organize the photos from a digital camera to a camera. You can transfer photo from your memory card also. It is a two-panel interface which helps you to the hang of WIA Loader quickly and enables to see the source file including corresponding path.

WIA Loader Portable has a number of useful features that include renaming the files that has been transferred, setting import and time and date format.  With all kind of WIA compatible cameras, WIA Loader Portable functions without any problem.

WIA Loader can help you to execute the script, create variables and it also allows applying EXIF changes. You can upload the picture to FTP server. You can rotate as well as scale them. WIA Loader Portable transfer images as well as videos very fast to your PC. To you collection of photos, it always brings a good structure. The software uses various kinds of profiles for various kinds of tasks.

WIA Loader Portable has automatically imaged rotating systems. For the imported pictures, it creates several HTML galleries. Cameras which are WIA compatible can be remote controlled which enables to take a picture with a mouse click and have an exposure bracketing.

The software also offers the options how to name image file as well as folder and provide you with the possibility so that you can geocode pictures with gpx-files.

Download WIA Loader Portable

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