WinHex 18.3 Makes A Quick Data Recovery Service For You


WinHex 18.3 is a hexadecimal editor helpful for data recovery, computer forensics, IT security and low-level data processing in particular. It is a very advanced tool for regular and emergency use to check and edit all types of files, recover lost data and deleted files from hard disks those have corrupt file systems or from any digital camera cards. The features are completely dependent on its license type.

X-ways Forensics is the forensics edition of WinHex 18.3 final full version. With numerous features, it is a very effective, economical and integrated computer forensics environment with diverse forensics features, which renders it as a dominant disk analysis tool that captures free space, inter-partition space, slack space, and text and creates a detailed contents table with all deleted and existing files as well as directories and with NTFS, Bates numbering files and more. It has also a low level disk imaging and cloning tools which can create exact mirror and read nearly all drive formats as well as media types. X-Ways Forensics supports virtually unlimited size drives and files.

WinHex 18.3 and X-Ways Forensics can interpret and display the directory structure on NTFS, FAT, CDFS, UDF media and image file, Resier, and Ext2/3. On hard disk, flash disks, ZIP, JAZ, memory card, it performs safe recoveries. It helps all type of automated file recovery mechanism and allows the user to recover the data manually.

WinHex 18.3 has a sophisticated and flexible search functions that helps to scan all kind of media including slack, hidden data and deleted files. Even though the volume is not identifiable by the OS because of corrupt file system, it can be gained.

It is also powerful document analysis software for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Even private firm can use it. It has been developed for the investigators who have specialized in accountings, corruption, building laws, homicide, and child pornography.  Agents, internal auditors, external auditors, agents, attorneys and paralegals can be get benefitted from it.

The number of features includes disk editor, RAM editor, data interpreter, editing data, analyzing files, comparing files, flexible search. Disk cloning, drive and image file backup, 124-bit encryption, confidential file erasing, importing all kind of clip formats, character setting and converting between binary, Intel Hex and Motorola S.

It supports more than 4 GB files. It is very fast and easy to use software as well.

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