WinLIRC: Name Of An Infrared Remote Control Signal Decoder


WinLIRC allows the user to exchange (transmit and receive) the standard infrared remote control signals. It is a reliable solution which is efficient for all and only for this reason, the user be able to transmit and receive infrared remote control signals of standard quality. It also helps the computer to control the signal that uses stereo equipment.

The program is developed by Jim Paris and Scott Baily. With 2.6 MB file size, it runs on all Windows Operating Systems.

This software needs not to be installed but all you need to do as a user is to copy the software from the folder and run it. If you are required to uninstall application, just remove the folder that is containing the software.

At the very first time, when you try to launch WinLIRC, you may face some problems because of invalid plug-in configurations and it will not be able to initialize. And the window which appears in the next helps you to get the plug in that will be used in any kind of remote actions. You can disable the external connections, or enable the system tray icon, or disable it and launch the program during Windows startup as well.

In any of the cases the receiver of the application is not correctly configured, WinLIRC will send back an error message notifying you the device’s improper functions.  To test this, you can check its basic output. Sometimes, youshould be aware of the export of different type of data by the receivers and their responds relies mostly on plug in you have chosen to control PC remotely.

After the configuration of all the choices, you have to exit the application as well as install IRGraph. If the receiver never exports raw timing information, you may possibly want to hop the step since the receiver always displays signal as well as its frequency.

It never disturbs you from your regular functions if the application perfectly functions from System Tray area. You can access the principal Configuration window, after that with right-click a small menu toggled. Here you can do more other things. You can adapt the number of port and select the type of the receiver that you are excited in. you can also analyze raw data which is stored in configuration file.

To sum up, WinLIRC helps to decode signals as well as receive all kind of infrared remote control signal with ease. Using the signals solely may not be useful as you are expecting. Because it needs an application or a client utility which explains decoded signal.

Download WinLIRC

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