AirDroid – The Android App That Uses Wireless Network To Link Your Device To Your Computer


This software is popular among Android users as it provides easy and convenient transfer of files without the inconvenience of carrying cables around. It has the features that support wireless connections.

Messaging is something that this app AirDroid particularly makes easy by allowing users to run messaging applications on their PC and thus making texting more flexible. AirDroid gives users more freedom to switch from texting on their Android devices to using their PC’s by enabling the feature of standalone clients for not only Windows, but also Mac that enables users to get text notifications on their PC’s.

Airmirror that is supported by AirDroid, does give users freedom to mirror their screens right on their PC, thus providing users with alerts instantly from their androids to their PC. Also it makes possible to do file transfer to and from the PC, and also paste links and text. At the same time, having real time access to contacts as well as messages is a huge help for users whose media is bulky.

With the AirDroid software, the texting aspects of receiving messages, reading them and replying is made possible using not only on an android device but also by using a PC. This makes it convenient for users who do not want the distraction of a mobile device while working, as they can access their messages and reply to them using their PC. The best part is that for accessing AirDroid, you do not need a browser. But what all users need is an app for either Windows or Mac.

AirDroid has been a big help to users as it is easy, free and fast to install. Also it is because of its safe and comprehensive features that make the lives of android device users easy and flexible.

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