NVIDIA Geforce Experience – To Improve Your GameStream Connectivity

NVIDIA Geforce Experience

This software is very useful for users who do GameStream. It makes the whole experience better and faster through its ability to increase and improve audio latency in GameStream and in making sure that the highest possible quality is achieved while supporting the video capture in Windows.

Whenever users log in to NVIDIA, this software comes in handy in ensuring that possible crashes are fixed and in giving users the power to capture ShadowPlay desktop when they are only using their Notebooks.

In some instances, the streamer service operating on NVIDIA tend to consume too much cycles on selected PCs. The work of this software in this case, would be to fix the bug that causes such anomaly and thus giving users a better experience by going further to conduct bug fixes for crash issues that is related to application and user accounts

The detailed feature of this software is that, the updated and latest version has the ability to keep itself current and updated and provide users with the option to use their NVIDIA accounts to link their PC with shield and in making it possible for users to operate remote GameStream without necessarily having to use the router configuration, which is manual.

Audio-video quality is highly improved with the use of this software due to its ability to do away with stutteringĀ  for videos in ShadowPlay and in improving sync for these videos by enabling the video files to operate on date formatting that is regionalized. Also it improves the driver installation experience by fixing bugs.

Optimization of the battery in game settings is made possible by this software. Enabling users to run games for a longer time whenever they are is done by using battery as well as by making it possible to adjust settings for particular games, while making sure that that the super resolution is dynamic. The performance is improved for the user by ensuring high quality service, security, stability and improved connectivity in GameStream.

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