OW Shredder – The Software To Erase Files Permanently

OW Shredder

This software is very beneficial to users who would like to irretrievably delete files they have worked by overwriting the selected file that the user would like to delete. It blocks the recurrence of the deleted files or documents by blocking the disk space data.

Not only is OW Shredder able to delete files and folders, but also it has the ability to delete the entire volumes and disks. The best part is that it does this by using very minimal system resources which is a great feature because it makes things easy and convenient for users.

Users who would like to automatically delete the contents on the recycle bin need to use this software, as it not only does that but also enables the user to delete using the context menu from the desktop.

The wonderful feature of OW Shredder is its ability to do multi-threading in a very advanced format, as well as its ability to use the desktop widget to enable users to delete files, folders, disks or even volumes from the desktop in a convenient way.

OW Shredder is also very easy to drag and drop, thus making it easy even for users who have no prior knowledge or experience in using it. It also has the ability to integrate context menu while at the same time being able to customize GUI and support different erase algorithm. It enables the user to automatically delete contents on the Recycle bin without having to manually do so.

Users in different lingual contexts are able to use this software comfortably as it is multilingual and thus appealing to users globally and thus enabling these users to not only delete files or documents, but also to completely erase any traces of data that may still be lingering in the blank storage space.

OW Shredder is also very practical for users who would like to review information on their computer in order to alter or use it for particular reasons, including the review of emails, archives, videos, pictures or even movies. Users may get the statistics they need regarding the information they want, by bringing the computer to a specific place or state needed by the user.

In addition, the ability of OW Shredder is to give the user a view of how their files are organized in folders or drivers by making it more attractive and practical. In addition, it may use the file unlocker and a startup program manager that is easy for users to use and maneuver around with.

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