ExeWatch – Avoiding The Status Of Compromising Your PC


Attackers may use various means to compromise and attack your PC. Now the one common option which is present is to just download the given tool and get it executed. This can be without your knowledge but sometimes your antivirus engine may not work and it won’t recognize the amount of threat which could later on lead to creating various kind of serious problems for your PC.

Sometimes running the ExeWatch can be a different story and it may seem to be simple and easy. Basically, the program would just watch the local drives of your and look out for the various new and easy executable files. It would even raise a lot of alerts at any moment of your choice and it would help in various aspects like downloading, extracting and it can be done from the archive. At times, the program may be was written by some other ones and it might be true to a certain extent. There would be no amount of malware removable abilities and as an early warning you can save a lot of time and efforts in protecting your system.

The ExeWatch is quite easy once you are used to getting. In a sense, it is easy to start and use the given tool. The download may take less time and there would be no amount of installation and the procedure would be just simple. The ExeWatch is easy to launch and it would run in the PC background without disturbing your functions and activities. In short, it would easily monitor your system without your knowledge.

Now when a given executable is created, the so-called tool – ExeWatch would then show and play a beep. This would display the various visual alerts which you would have wanted like four boxes which would often appear at each of the screen’s corner. As you double click the given system trays, you would get the new detections and right clicking the option ‘Open History’ would ensure and display all the given programs at a single instance.

Now this can be quite informative but once you click on the Panic Mode, the tool – ExeWatch would then rename the various executables as fast as they can easily detect them. Sometimes you may feel that under certain circumstances this is a bad idea. Of course, it may cause certain kinds of problems, but the ExeWatch would monitor the problems and solve them.

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