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There is no doubt that a standard Traceroute and Windows Ping is capable enough in providing the required functionalities. But with regard to their console interface, some may feel that it is very much basic and is mainly GUI interface. This may not be quite necessary to be better and great. Sometimes you may end up checking out and wandering through the various tables for finding the data which you want and have to use.

Using the PingPlotter (i.e. the free version) makes your life quite interesting and free. Simply by taking the graphical view of the current and present network performance, it provides a great and essential view of the core data in a single glance. Like another kind of tools and program, this one requires installation and it is not something which cannot be avoided. It is an option which you have to use and once it is completed, then it becomes quite easy to use.

The procedure is very much simple and all one needs to do is simply enter the targeted computer and the domain name. Some may feel that it can be optionally selected but within a trace interval. In this instance, it is about fifteen options which often range from one second to about sixty minutes. All you have to do is just click the ‘Start’ option and then you are off. The application which is present would then send the ICMP packets. This would get put into the display in a table which is quite similar to a traceroute one. And the results would be of various kinds like IP address, hop number, current ping time, average ping time, name, and the list goes on.

The PingPlotter then simply repeats the given process and after that whatever kind of trace interval is present it gets specified. This is done through the display of the graph and the average amount of response time and the various range of hopes present in it. And, in addition, along with the presences of the separate histogram, it just charts the various round of trip time which last for about ten minutes.

Furthermore, the graphs and the table can be easily customized in any form you want. This includes the graph color, figure displayed, and the list goes on. To put into simple terms, the PingPlotter is a great and likable program even though one can still get more options for visualization.

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