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There are various steps which are involved in capturing the screen. The most common and the normal step of taking the screenshot is simply taking the screenshot, saving the given file, attaching the email and adding the given or required few text notes. And then you could just simply send and wait for the given reply. Basically, the Screenshot is a simple and free portable tool. This would easily allow one to just capture the various images, add and highlight the various texts, and make sure that it gets shared with various individuals fast and through the various servers of a given program.

Now if you are quite happy in sharing the various screen shot (full size one) and with the ScreenShooter you can share the screenshot and it is very much simple. All one has to do is press the print screen option and the ScreenShooter would then open the given tool and just above it the address bar would be present. Here you can simply put the URL. Once that is done, then you would all have to copy the given link, transfer it to the given friends and you can view the given images immediately.

Even there are various options which can be supported for capturing the various freehand rectangle views. Sometimes this can be quite distracting as the screen might get dimmed. Especially when it is active and you might feel that the position can be made quite easy using the cursor of the mouse. There is a separate magnifier option for this and this is present in the ScreenShooter’s window. This would be easy and it can easily make the pixel precise and clear.

While using the tool –  ScreenShooter, you can easily capture using the ‘Draw’ option and this menu can provide the various vector tools which can be easily be used for annotating it. There are various tools which consist of like line, pen, arrow, ellipse, rectangle, eraser and highlighter. If that is not enough, you can simply and directly open the various images present in the Image and sometimes you can use various editors which you can use.

Of course, sometimes using the ScreenShooter can help in capturing the various huge names services which cannot guarantee the amount of privacy that you are going to get. The one concern here using the given tool is that the tool can store the images on the server of the developer.

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