OCR – How Does It Edit Word Files and Scan Images?

Often there are various times when we would like to scan a given document. This can even be an image too and it is quite easy to edit it. However, this can be quite easy if someone uses a small document and at times it can be time-consuming and tedious too. This is especially when the given document is long. So how does the OCR work?

To put into simple terms, there are basically two major methods one which can use which are pattern recognition and feature recognition. In case of pattern recognition, this is a major and fundamental means of finding out the various characters. Here, the input characters are easy to read and one can compare all the given characters which are stored in the given database. In addition, the one which would match the various input characters are simply chosen and this would get provided and processed easily as a simple output. Here the ones which can easily match the given input of characters would be easy to select and it can be provided and processed as a simple output.

Plus the one which would simply match the various input characters can be selected and one can get the output which is processed. But there is a major drawback. This method simply lacks the various simple input characters which can not be clear and sometimes it would not be proper.

Another one is the feature recognition. For countering the given disadvantage of the pattern recognition method, the feature recognition step is quite useful. In this step, you can compare the entire character and it would just ensure that the various correct characters/character can be easy to recognize. So, in this instance, the input quality is very much low and the output can be quite accurate. No wonder, this method is very much used and is one of the common methods for the OCR software.

Another interesting feature of the OCR is that it is a technology which can easily convert anything. The best part is that there are certain kinds of tools which can be simply developed for harnessing the basic power of the OCR and even make the actual work conversion. Such tools can be OCR tools and there are various kinds of OCR tools which are very much free to use. To be frank, there are basically two basic kinds of OCR which are available online and it is very much easy to download.

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