ffdiaporama: A Creative Video Slideshow Builder


If you are a slideshow builder and edited an innumerable slideshow using slideshow builder software, then obviously you have done all those work in a similar way which include: opening a set of pictures, dragging and dropping them for rearranging, optionally adding them to the transition and adjusting the soundtrack and then exporting the movie which is a result of your previous steps to a movie.

ffDiaporama works in the likewise way. Just get a try on it, install the software first and gets the effect while working. The result is quite good. It has a reasonable set of transitions and an option with huge video export like FLV, 3GP, MP4, AVI, MKV, WEBM, MPEG and OGV.

The program has many more things to offer you from the start to explore. To exemplify, taking a background by your own choice possible here. You need not depend on the background that has been developed by the developers. You can avoid the developer’s preferred shade. Define your own solid color, images, gradient from the library of the program. Or you can select any picture of your own from your PC.

Now come to the soundtrack. ffDiaporama works, unlike another program. While another program gives you the facility to drag an MP3 and drop it, multiple files ffDiaporama accepts and can switch them, tweak the volume or pause them depending on the slide by slide.

The extras continue with titles and never include picking up font and typing some text. In a box. Here you have the chance to define the styles in your own way and you get the choice to do the work in your predefined slides for your valuable projects. You can make it either static or animated. Building something new form is also possible here from the scratch.

ffDiaporama will present you the images and the videos in a more custom way, if you are so creative and present your videos and images in a custom shapes, at one time with several on the screens and choicely animating them in the various ways. Four jigsaw shape you could have and each of them has a separate picture that comes together, for instance.

The program has much scope to be developed. Because the program doesn’t use the dialog of native Widows as well as the file browsing option is comparatively slow.

The program being different from others is not always a good thing. But ffDiaporama is really creative and for innovative work, the program is quite supportive. You can just give it a try.

Download ffDiaporama

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