Share Links Of Audio With Google Tone And Chirp App


Using an innumerable path you can share links with some other one. The process can be done with Twitter, IM, Email, Facebook and more. But with your close friend you can just broadcast the link via encoded audio tones specially.

Chirp is such an app for android and iOS. It is a free of cost app and it has been doing the audio share in for a while. Just in a click or two, the app can encode a website URL, or text note or probably an image and then play them with a series of tones. Depending on the background noise the app can work well although it sounds strange. One the other hand to whom you are sharing the link need not any account names, address or any other thing else to access my data.

Chirp has just added an extension to Chrome to the arsenal of the software. This can broadcast the link but can’t receive the link. Interestingly, it has given you another way so that you can send information to iOS and android devices from the desktop.

This one example to show you that the news is not a strange one. Likewise, Google has come out with same kind of technology with its own version.

Google Tone, another extension of Chrome, has introduced same technology which is basic but user-friendly. Just click on the Google tone address bar button, if you want to share a link to another person or user. Immediate after the click, Google tone will play link as a series of tones. Other users at that time will get the notification in earshot and it will say them that you are sending them a link. If other users become interested will open the page in a new tab on their browser and this will take to the page that you want them to browse.

This seems very interesting too as it is a recent technology what we never thought before. You can check it out if you are interested with the ideas. Developers still have a plenty of scopes here to improve the application. The app is very user-friendly and the technology of the app works well for you.

Chirp app is quite powerful and it is stronger than Google tone! On Chirp app, you can send pictures, document, MP3s and more. The performance of the app depends on the performance of the device and the surroundings. If you haven’t tried them yet just give a try for at least one.

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