Vole CHM Reviewer – Adding Various Text Notes And Multimedia Notes

Vole CHM Reviewer

While you are learning or reading the Microsoft CHM doc, for your staff you may need to write certain notes or comments. Reviewing the print out or document is not a good or the perfect ideas, as it would just make change to the CHM files. The Vole CHM Reviewer helps in making addition to the text, audio, image, video reviews of the CHM documents.

Furthermore, the Vole CHM Reviewer displays the user reviews along with the original reviews in the parallel windows. It also displays the multimedia and text notes quite synchronously. Another extensive feature of the Vole CHM Reviewer is it never makes changes to the CHM document present in the VMC and it makes it easy for any user to export the original CHM document at any time and any place. The Vole CHM Reviewer is one of the best tool for supporting the PKCS#12 which is one of the most secure digital signature present online.

In addition, the Vole CHM Reviewer extensively supports non-exclusive and exclusive digital signature which helps one or more individuals in a team to sign the Office MS Word document. The Vole CHM Reviewer helps you to release the given Office CHM document along with the signature. One of the best thing about Vole CHM Reviewer is that you should or would never be able to afraid of which individual has signed and also which cannot be released.

In addition, the Vole CHM Reviewer helps in animation and artwork cover. Plus it helps in synchronization and playing of lyrics. The Vole CHM Reviewer is similar to the library of any webpage and it helps in previewing media in a simple and local way. The Vole CHM Reviewer has got standard function which is embedded in most of the Vole products. Plus you can easily find the VMC Discovery which is present in the right hand side of the tool and the main window.

Basically, the Vole CHM Reviewer would just automatically analyze the web page and try to look out whether the VMC media library and analyze is proper or not. Like other tools, this is quite simple and easy to use.

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